New Patient Information

1. Please contact Dr. Dean for an in-home appointment, and provide your email address.

2. You will receive an email with new patient forms. Complete the forms. Bring the completed forms with you to your appointment.

        - Please read the TERMS, CONDITIONS & RATES page carefully so that you understand how the office is managing your case.

3. On your first appointment, we will discuss your complaint, health history, take your vitals, perform exams, and discuss your diagnosis.

       - Depending on your complaint and health, you may, or may not, receive treatment on the same day. 


My office does not 'take' insurance because most insurance plans restrict how I can treat you. This means they dictate your care, not the doctor. In many cases, my office costs are less than your out-of-pocket insured costs, and your treatment time is drastically reduced. Payment in full is due at the time of your appointment. You might be covered for reimbursement for your doctor's office visits. Many self-paid health expenses are tax-deductible (ask your tax preparer.) You can request a SuperBill from my office and submit it yourself for reimbursement.

Worker's Compensation/ Personal Injury Cases: Please contact the office for a consultation within 24 hours of your injury.

Senior Rates: Patients over 65 years old with proof of age pay 65% for follow-up rate (Codes 99212,13). You must request the discount.

Bartering/Professional Trades: Our office does not offer either of these.

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SOT Technique (uncertified)

Advanced Adjusting Technique (2015)

Graston Technique Certified (2014)

KinisioTape Certified (2015)
NSCA-CPT Nationally Certified Fitness and Nutrition (1990)
ACE-CPT Nationally Certified Fitness and Nutrition (2002)
NCEP Certified Stretch Technician (2006)
SCUHS Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Graduate (2016)
Therapeutic Massage Certified Practitioner (2007)
CoreX System Educator, USA (2007)

Manhattan Beach licensed Tennis Instructor (2018)
University of Vermont Human Performance Lab (2002)
Red Cross First Aid and CPR, certified (current)

   "My intention as a chiropractic doctor is to be a vital part of helping you function and move, and get back to the important things that make your unique life enjoyable, in a conservative, holistic and practical way. I am a 'bridge-builder' between what is wrong and what can be done."


Vertebrobasilar Accidents/VBA  (Stroke to the brain) occur in 1 of 5.85 million people due to manipulation. To put this in perspective, a patient who never sees a chiropractor would have a VBA 1 in 100,000 under the care of a medical professional, or alone at home. Chiropractic doctors are a very safe alternative to medical procedures and drugs, when appropriate. The medical profession is not perfect, and are responsible for 251,000 deaths due to negligence each year (688 per day) compared to Chiropractic doctors with only 1 every 2 years. (

A Healthier South Bay

Since 2006


                     Dr. Forester Dean 


Contact the Doctor 24/7: (310) 663-8602         - If you are frustrated with your pain and want to feel better today

                                                                               - New injury/Post-surgical Management for active Folks and Athletes

                                                                               - Severe Unresolved joint pain (treatment before surgery, or due to surgical failure )

                                                                               - Personal Injury Care and Case Management (with or without an attorney)

-Comprehensive pre-testing, baseline evaluation and assessments
-Exercise and Rehabilitation program prescription
-Range-of-motion & flexibility, soft-tissue and Myofascial Release Therapy

-Proprioceptive Inhibition, Trigger Point therapy, SNAGS Technique
-General Strength & Core Strength/Functional Fitness/ Endurance
-Balance & Agility, Joint and Spinal Stability
-Nutritional guidance and meal planning/shopping/food preparation
-Basic Tennis, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates skills
-CoreX System Rehab  (

-Referral for nutritional therapy, acupuncture/Chinese medicine

I do not treat using the "ART" technique due to lack of evidence.


Chiropractic Office                                                                                   

Shen Ming Health Cultivation Center

2009 Cedar Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA

On-Site Athletic Instruction

Live Oak Tennis Courts                            Aviation Park Track

1901 North Valley Drive                          Corner of Aviation and Artesia Blvd

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266                  Redondo Beach, CA 90278

(City licensed Instructor)

Beach Cities Yoga  Studio

936 Hermosa Ave #105

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

RATES: Doctor services will be billed according to diagnostic codes on services delivered (same as medical doctors.)
Booking Deposit is pre-paid and non-refundable (first 3 'on-time' appointments)                                                                $ 45
Initial Consultation in-office consultation to discuss complaint, goals and treatment plan options (no diagnosis)            $ 74 (15 min)
New Patient/Re-Exam* (90 days absence/new complaint) Codes: 99201, 99202 ,99203                                                     $ 40-98

               Does not include treatment. Case Codes: 'Limited, Expanded, Detailed'

New Patient/Re-Exam* (90 days absence/new complaint) Codes: 99204                                                                               $148

              Does not include treatment. Case Codes: 'Comprehensive'          
Patient Follow Up* within 2 weeks; treatment and active care. Codes: 99212, 99213                                                          $39-97

Patient Follow Up* within 2 weeks; treatment and active care. Codes: 99214                                                                       $130                         Patient Check-Up* within 7 days; includes either treatment or active care (not both), lab results.. All Codes                   $ 62

Exercise Training/RTP includes chiropractic treatment (treat/adjustment one specific/charted complaint if needed)     $140/50 min
          (Training requires a new patient intake and re-exam when as prescribed)                                                                            

Exercise Programs written formats for 16 weeks of exercises                                                                                                   $ 85 each
Bodywork includes chiropractic treatment (treat/adjustment one specific/charted complaint if needed)                         $140/50 min 

        (Bodywork requires a new patient intake and re-exam as prescribed)
Nutrition Meal Plan: initial consultation, 3-day food analysis report + interpretation, monthly meal plan                         $275

Nutrition Counseling with the Nutrition Work-Book  provides the complete scope of nutrition One-to-One                   $75 per lesson

Nutrition Work-Book                                                                                                                                                                     $75         

Chart/File copies                                                                                                                                                                            $ .50 per chart
Diagnostic/Chart Summary written report                                                                                                                                  $160/hr
Phone consultation to explain labs and reports (already delivered to patient)                                                                      $74/15 min
X-ray Films on loan (deposit)                                                                                                                                                         $35

*Pricing for office visits includes the exam, various treatment options, and depends on the complexity your specific complaint)

My Scope of Practice as a Chiropractic Doctor & Patient Advocate

I am a "Portal of Entry"  family practice primary care physician. You do not need to see another doctor before you see me for your complaint. If I diagnose your complaint being out of my scope of practice (a medical emergency, STDs, cancer, menses, impotence) I will refer you to a medical doctor for care. As my patient, I will deliver the highest level of professionalism and health care excellence. I can order any imaging or special labs that may be required. I network closely with medical, Chinese and naturopathic doctors in order to offer you a variety of treatment possibilities... starting with the least invasive, least expensive options. My goal is to treat your complaint in 1-4 office visits once you have been accurately diagnosed. The MOST important part of your health care is ACCURATE diagnosis. You should demand this from ANY doctor, and expect a full, scientific explanation based on prevailing research that is demonstrated toyou in plain words.

There is NO DIAGNOSIS recognized by scientific research nor the medical community: (a valid ICD10 diagnostic code)

                    1. Called having a 'Pinched Spinal Root Nerve'  therefore, surgery is never the treatment

                    2. Called having a 'Bulging disk' therefore,  surgery is never the treatment

                    3. Without a real-true ICD10 coded diagnosis... YOU SHOULD NOT UNDERGO surgery!

                    4. A picture of your anatomy + a surgical doctor's convincing story is NEVER a GOLD-Standard Course of Care

                    5. I have been in your shoes, and was railroaded into a surgical procedure... but I knew better... and GOT better!

I will not ask you to get adjusted every week. I will not ask you to pre-pay for numerous office visits. I do not diagnose from X-ray. I do not follow a 'cook-book' treatment plan. I will never say, "You have a pinched nerve." I use significant, valid and compelling research to support my diagnosis and treatment plans.  I can explain why your are still in pain after your surgery, or after being treated by another doctor, and how to reduce your symptoms and regain function starting on the day of your first office visit.

Patient Advocation: I will help you assert your rights in any interface with your doctors or insurers so that you get BETTER!

Every patient is entitled to:   (1) An accurate and expedient diagnosis the SAME DAY you are seen by the doctor.

                                                 (2) An EXPLANATION of the cause/s of your diagnosis (substantiated by research, not doctor bias.)

                                                 (3) Treatment RATIONALE including non-drug, non-surgical options.

                                                 (4) A PERSONAL GUARANTEE from your doctor honoring your treatment outcomes.

                                                 (5) A written MANAGEMENT PLAN to treat your diagnosis, including costs and duration.

                                                 (6) Your doctor's full attention and ACCESSIBILITY.


Chiropractors generally believe that each of us has an innate ability to heal, and that this can be facilitated with patient education, lifestyle change, encouragement and manipulation ('adjusting') of the spine or many other possible joints, along with physical therapy, physiotherapy, exercise instruction, the right attitude, and healthy meal plans. I do not believe that the body can be treated by diagnosis of subluxation ('bones out of place') with a treatment of adjusting/'cracking' a joint.

My Practice: Family Practice & Sports Medicine

- Sports/athletic/performance injuries (new/recent) such as strains, sprains, joint pain and tightness, muscle stiffness, muscle soreness.

- Chronic injuries (on-going, unresolved) such as chronic pain, sciatic pain, back and neck pain, sleeplessness due to pain.

- New injuries/problems: shoulder and back ache, headache, hip, knee, foot problems; mobility problems post-surgery.

- Managed care for diagnosed injuries or disease: referral from another doctor (primary care, dentist, orthopedist) to me for treatment.

- Nutrition and digestive counseling : basic nutrition & healthy meal planning, SIBO/leaky gut syndrome/'sympathetic gut'.

- Exercise plans and rehabilitation for specific sports (for example: correcting a tennis forehand to treat "tennis elbow".)

My Specialties: Outstanding Results

-  Complex Diagnostician: The likely diagnostic explanation for your symptoms using a scientific approach, no matter what it takes to find it.

Patient education: You will have a strong working knowledge of your problem,diagnosis, and treatment plan.


            On-Court instruction for tennis players with new or chronic arm and shoulder pain, low back pain

            On-Track instruction for sprint or distance runners with new or chronic leg, hip and back pain

            On-Mat instruction for new or seasoned yogies with new or chronic in-flexibility or joint pain

Nutrition Meal Planning & Counseling: the basics, and customized menu and meal planning for improved health or weight management. 

            Explore the complete nutrition essentials using my Nutrition Work-Book in a weekly face-to-face lecture format